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Chiptuning is a complicated business and we are here to break it down for you. Wether you want to learn the basics or need specific training for advanced techniques, we have a solution for you!


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Bespoke training programs by chiptuners, for chiptuners.

All our packages include hotel, food, beverages and transport to and from the hotel.

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Module 1 - basic chiptuning & diagnostics 1 Day - 990€ Iva esclusa

You want to get started as a chiptuner and need to learn the basics. This program is designed to introduce you to the world of ECU remapping.

Key items:
    • Intro
    • Brief history of chiptuning
    • Tools (Magic Motorsport, Alientech K-Tag & Kess, AutoTuner, ...) & file providers (Dynochiptuningfiles, OLSx, Sedox, JF Chiptuning, Quantum Tuning, ...)
    • Objectives presentation
    • Vehicle visual check & DTC read before operating
    • Terminology: basic explanation
    • Master / Slave: basic explanation
    • ECU labelling per brand and evolution
    • ECU function: basics
    • ECU operations
      • Chiptuning
        • Identification
        • Read: NR; VR
        • Write: ORI, tuned, original from server (back to stock)
        • Introduction to backup file
        • Special operations (for instance: OBD unlock, Bench unlock, dyno mode): basic explanation
      • Diagnostic
        • DTC
        • Datalogging
    • ECU methods
      • OBD
      • Bench
      • Boot
    • Presentation of AutoTuner tool
      • Tool
      • App (GUI)
    • Chiptuning and datalogging processes/steps with AutoTuner
      • With a slave tool
      • With a master tool
    • Live demonstration of ECU operations on some ECU
    • How to troubleshoot an issue
      • What to look for
      • How to fill a support request
    • Live demonstration of ECU troubleshooting with AutoTuner
    • Workshop
      • Flash process in OBD
      • Flash ECU in Bench
      • Flash ECU in boot
      • Read and clear DTC
      • Perform a datalog on a dyno
    • Hints & tips
      • ECU location
      • voltage per ECU family
      • How to keep ignition ON
      • Vehicle with 2 ECUs
      • ...
    • Introduction to module 2
Module 2 - advanced chiptuning & diagnostics 2 Days - 1.290€ Iva esclusa

You have now bought your equipment and want to dive into a more technical aspect of the job.

Key items:
    • Intro
    • Objectives presentation
    • Terminology: advanced explanation
    • Master / Slave: advanced explanation
    • Communication protocols (stack)
      • K-Line, CAN, CAN FD, Enet, Flexray
      • KWP, OBD, UDS
      • Comparison of protocols per level
    • ECU function: advanced
    • ECU boot process
      • Hardware boot
      • S-Boot
      • C-Boot
      • ASW
    • ECU boot level access per method
    • MCU description
    • ECU function: advanced
    • Chiptuning: ECU operations
      • Identification: understaning console log
      • Read: normal read vs virtual read
      • Write: write ORI file vs back to stock
      • Special operations: OBD unlock, Bench unlock, Read password, Dyno mode...
    • Checksums
    • DAMOS / CALIB file
    • Diagnostics:
      • DTC
        • Decode DTC labels
        • DTC maps in file
      • Datalogging
        • How to interpret a datalog
          • Types of measures
          • Sensors
          • Measure correlations (e.g., lambda vs ignition advance/withdraw)
    • Hints & tips
    • Introduction to module 3
Module 3 : CHIPTUNING expert 2 Days - 1.890€ Iva esclusa

More info coming soon!


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