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AutoTuner Tool AutoTuner è la soluzione indispensabile per tutti i professionisti della riprogrammazione. Un solo dispositivo per lavorare tramite rilevatore OBD, bench tensting, boot ed effettuare datalogging con diagnosi. Un programma semplice e intuitivo unito ad una community in crescita nella quale hai il tuo posto! Configurare
AT silicone case 49€
Bench cable for BMW MDG1 ATUBA001 109€
Bench cable for BMW MEVD17.2.G - MEVD17.2.6 ATUBA002 109€
Bench cable for Mercedes MD1CP001 ATUBA003 109€
Bench cable for Mercedes MG1CP002 ATUBA004 98€
Bench cable for New Holland MD1CE101 & MAN MD1CE100 ATUBA005 109€
Bench cable for PSA MD1CS003 ATUBA013 109€
Bench cable for Renault MD1CS006 ATUBA014 109€
Bench cable for Toyota Denso Gen3 ATUBA006 109€
Bench cable for VAG MD1CP004 ATUBA007 109€
Bench cable for VAG MD1CS004 ATUBA008 109€
Bench cable for VAG MG1CS001 - MG1CS111 ATUBA009 109€
Bench cable for VAG MG1CS002 - MG1CS008 - MG1CP007 - MG1CS047 ATUBA011 109€
Bench cable for VAG MG1CS011 ATUBA012 109€
Benelli OBD 6 Pin cable ATOBD030 49€
BMW Motorrad OBD 10 Pin cable ATOBD020 49€
Boot cable ATBC050 49€
Custom case 250€
Dragy GPS Performance Box ESAURITO
DSG bench cables kit ATDSG050 419€
ELC ALF1225 ALF1225 245€
ESD mat ATESD050 49€
Gysflash 100-12 HF + Secure Gateway Bypass Cable GYS + ATPG050 789€
Harley Davidson OBD 4-6 Pin cable ATOBD040 49€
KTM OBD 6 Pin cable ATOBD050 49€
McLaren OBD cable ATOBD100 49€
Mercedes OBD 38 Pin cable ATOBD060 49€
Mercedes Sprinter OBD 14 Pin cable ATOBD070 49€
Motorcycle Euro5 OBD 6 Pin cable ATOBD080 49€
Polaris cable ATOBD090 49€
Positioning probes kit (8) 99€
Premium positioning frame ATFRM050 450€
Probe Bosch ATP050 290€
Probe Valeo VD56 ATP060 190€
Rotax cable ATOBD010 49€
Secure Gateway Bypass Cable ATPG050 69€
Suitcase XL 109€
Universal terminals and cables kit ATUC053 49€
GYS MAGNETFIX 50 GYS-029637 109€
GYS trolley 399€
Gysflash 100-12 HF GYS-029071 789€
Gysflash 123-12 CNT GYS-025677 1,099€
Bosch GWB 12V-10 power drill 0601390908 ESAURITO
Dremel 3000 Multi-Tool F0133000JA ESAURITO
ECU black sealant 08933311 35€
ECU opening tools set 9118120 29€
Facom Ratchet Set R360NANOPB ESAURITO
Knipex Pliers Set 002009V01 59€
Scangrip Led work light 035407 85€
Stanley cutter 18mm 010151 ESAURITO
Stanley cutter 9mm 010409 ESAURITO
Stanley ECU Opening Tool 100mm 418328 ESAURITO
Stanley ECU Opening Tool 25mm 418332 ESAURITO
Stanley Rubber hammer 151104 9€
Weller WE1010 Education Kit T0053298390 190€
Weller WX2 + WXMP WDH51 690€
Wera Bit Assortment 05057460001 79€
Wera Ratchet Set 05004016001 ESAURITO
Wera Screwdrivers Set 5138711001 ESAURITO
Alcantara keychain 25€
Banner 200x74cm ESAURITO
Baseball cap 20€
Classic sunglasses 12€
Flexfit cap 20€
Laptop case 39€
Licence plate cover 25€
Rollup 59€
Sweatshirt (black) 49€
Sweatshirt (grey) 49€
T-shirt (classic) ESAURITO
T-shirt (grey) ESAURITO
T-shirt (white) ESAURITO
Wing protector 49€
Flat rate repair 199€
Hardware replacement 1,000€
PCB replacement 499€
Slave tool upgrade 2,000€
Slave transfer 350€
Warranty and support transfer 350€
Banana-banana cables set (5) 25€
Banana-cos cables set (5) 25€
BGA MCU Hook EZ-X2015BLK 49€
OBD cable ATOBD001 49€
Power adapter ATPS001 49€
Probe positioner kit ATPPK050 49€
Replacement case 99€
Suitcase 79€
Universal box ATUBX050 49€
Universal cable for EDC16+ME(D)9 ATUC052 49€
Universal cable with micro pins wires ATUC051 69€
USB key 19€
USB-A cable ATUSB001 19€
USB-C cable ATUSB002 19€

AutoTuner è la soluzione semplice, rapida e universale di riprogrammazione di veicoli, sviluppata da preparatori per i preparatori. Con aggiornamenti gratuiti.

Copyright © AutoTuner 2024
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