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4,900€ IVA no incluido

  • - Read and write unencrypted files
  • - All accessories included for OBD, boot and bench
  • - 5 year warranty
  • - Free updates


2,900€ IVA no incluido

  • - Read and write crypted files from your master
  • - All accessories included for OBD, boot and bench
  • - 5 year warranty
  • - Free updates

Welding machine


Weller WE1010 Education Kit

190€ IVA no incluido

close Shearcutter, solder wire and 0,4mm soldering tip included!

Weller WX1011

590€ IVA no incluido

Weller WT1013

390€ IVA no incluido

Optional accessories

The accessories that complete and custom your Autotuner tool.


Custom logo printing

250€ IVA no incluido

    In addition to the free software customization you can personalize the case colors and logo. Colors available for case :
  • - Black
  • - Silver
    Colors available for sides :
  • - Red
  • - Blue
  • - Orange
  • - Black

Positioning frame

450€ IVA no incluido

close Comes with 8 probes and positioning plexiglass panel, this accessory will let you connect any ECU without soldering. This positioning frame is also equipped with led light (12V power adapter not included).

Rotax cable

49€ IVA no incluido

close Optional cable required to read BRP vehicles in OBD.

Universal bench cable

80€ IVA no incluido

  • Female OBD2 port
  • Power connections by 12V and GND crocodile clips or 2.1mm DC power jack. (Power supply not included)
  • LED indicator to confirm when ECU is ON.
  • 6 x 12V connectors for ECU
  • 6 x GND connectors for ECU
  • 3 x switched ignition connectors for ECU
  • Switched ECU Power (ON/OFF)
  • Switched CAN bus termination resistors (60Ω / 120Ω / OFF)
  • Switch-able ignition pins (OFF / ON / K-Line) for tools using K-Line for reset function
  • 2 x CAN Low
  • 2 x CAN High
  • 1 x CAN2 Low (Ford / Volvo)
  • 1 x CAN2 High (Ford / Volvo)
  • 2 x K-Line
  • 1 x L-Line
  • Kline with diode N4148 for reset function
  • Bootpins: 560Ω / 1KΩ / 4.7KΩ


210€ IVA no incluido

close Bench Power Supply, Adjustable, 1 Output, 10 V, 15 V, 20 A, 25 A

Battery charger


Gysflash 100-12 HF

600€ IVA no incluido

close Gysflash 100-12 HF is a 100A high power stabilised supply incorporating Inverter technology with 5 functions.

Gysflash Trolley

290€ IVA no incluido


Gysflash 121-12 CNT FV

700€ IVA no incluido

close The GYSFLASH 121.12 CNT FV is a 120 A high power CONNECTED charger with inverter technology. It allows to keep a 12 V lead or lithium battery at a perfectly stabilized voltage during the diagnostic phases. It will deliver the best charging cycle recommended for the maintenance of the most advanced vehicles on the market. Its USB connectivity makes it 100% customizable.


Alcantara keychain

25€ IVA no incluido

Modern sunglasses

12€ IVA no incluido

Classic sunglasses

12€ IVA no incluido

Spare parts

All the accessories listed below are included in the Autotuner package (master or slave).

Boot cable

49€ IVA no incluido

OBD cable

49€ IVA no incluido

Universal cable + box

89€ IVA no incluido

USB cable

19€ IVA no incluido


290€ IVA no incluido

Probe positioner kit

49€ IVA no incluido

Power adapter

49€ IVA no incluido


49€ IVA no incluido

USB key

29€ IVA no incluido


125€ IVA no incluido

Special services

For slave transfer and slave tool upgrade, current master written approval is required.


Slave transfer

350€ IVA no incluido

close Transfer fee to link slave tool to a new master.
Current master written approval is required.

Slave tool upgrade

2,000€ IVA no incluido

close Upgrade slave tool to master tool.

Warranty and support transfer

350€ IVA no incluido

close Warranty and support transfer in case of resale or account switch (e-mail address update).

Hardware replacement

1,000€ IVA no incluido

close Autotuner hardware replacement due to improper use, loss or theft (complete with suitcase and accessories).

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