Weller WX2 + WXMP WDH51
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Weller WX2 + WXMP WDH51
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Weller WX2 + WXMP WDH51

Digital Power, 240W / 230V. Digital temperature control 50 ° C - 550 ° C (depending on the tool).

  • Very high capacity and fast heating time.
  • Using a tool up to 200W.
  • Simultaneous use two tools to 120W.
  • Robust capacitive touch screen.
  • Intuitive, turn and clicking enter key and guide fingers.
  • Multilingual menu.
  • Two connections that can be used to manage the units smoke extraction, warm plates and programmable logic controllers. (PLC)
  • Automatic recognition tools.
  • USB port for firmware updates, configuration settings and journalistic systems.
  • Intelligent tools, A / D converter and memory to handle tools.
  • Auto power thanks to sensors in the handle tools.
  • No calibration required.
  • Antistatic.
  • Different possibilities of equipotential bonding on the device.
Weller WXMP set:

Micro soldering iron WXMP 40 W, 12 V (hand piece without tips) for Active-Tip Heating Technology

WX2 Datasheet - WXMP Datasheet

Total 690€
excl. TAX

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