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AutoTuner is the ultimate tool for chiptuners and calibration engineers

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Free updates


All the features you need in a high-performance tool.
That’s AutoTuner.

Reading and writing of engine control units and gearboxes

AutoTuner can read data from most of the ECUs and microcontrollers on the market.

Automatic Checksum correction

Checksum correction is done automatically by the tool during the writing process. There is no need to calculate the Checksum yourself.

Back to stock

Do you want to start from a sound and up-to-date base? Start by restoring the vehicle to its original state by using the “back to stock” function.

Live datalogging

The AutoTuner datalogging feature has been designed to be easy to use. For each supported ECU, we have pre-selected a set of relevant data depending on the vehicle and manufacturer's specific parameters.


Reading and deletion of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) that are generic and manufacturer-specific via the OBD-II socket.

All-in one package ready to use

In your AutoTuner case, your tool and its features are ready to go and are simply waiting on you to read their first ECU!



AutoTuner is already compatible with hundreds of units and thousands of vehicles. Does it end there? Not with us. We regularly offer new exclusive protocols.

ECUs 568
Brands 137
Vehicles 16376

This method allows you to read off the data via the vehicle’s diagnostic socket.


This method requires disassembling and opening the engine ECU. The connection is made on the ECU printed circuit board (PCB).


This method requires only the disassembly of the ECU. The connection is made on the front socket of the ECU, so you do not need to open the ECU.

Free updates

Our goal? To carry on offering new protocols, updates and functionalities. And you can enjoy them right away.

Data Logging

You can't tune an engine without getting feedback on the modifications you just made. The information obtained during datalogging is vital in order to adjust the modified file as well as possible.



Our AutoTuner tool is so easy to use, you will get the hang of it in a matter of seconds.
Autotuner software laptop
ECU selection
or quick search
Read Maps
Write Data logging Need help?
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Launch AutoTuner and quickly find the ECU or TCU you are looking for.

AutoTuner helps you locate the ECU or OBD diagnostic socket on the vehicle.

AutoTuner guides you throughout the entire process and illustrates each step with HD images.

Depending on the vehicle and the method, you will be able to carry out a real or virtual reading.

Master? You can use any editing software to modify the data. Slave? Just send your file to your master.

Ready? Easily find the vehicle in the updated vehicle list and start the writing operation.

Done? Switch to data logging to check how the vehicle is reacting to your modified settings.

For the smallest of problems, our team can support you by controlling your computer remotely.

ECU selection
or quick search
Data logging
Need help?
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Sign up for one of our AutoTuner tool and software demo sessions to learn more. We offer sessions in English, French, Italian and German at the moment.

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Fast and

Latest generation components

Our tool brings together the latest state-of-the-art technologies for effective communication with the ECU, ultra-fast reading of memory contents (internal or external flash and EEPROM) and automatic online backup of the TriCore password. That's right, nothing but the best.

Online and always up-to-date

You need to be connected to the Internet to use AutoTuner. Why? So you can always enjoy the latest versions of protocols and functionalities, as soon as you launch the software.

Autotuner box technical view left side Autotuner box technical view right side
12V power supply

It is important that you only use the power supply provided with the AutoTuner tool. Even better, the adapters for Europe, Australia, USA and UK are already included.

Advanced USB connection

We designed AutoTuner to last, namely thanks to a reinforced USB port.

OBD connection

An armoured cable that meets manufacturer standards is included in the case.

Boot/bench Connection

The case comes with the two required cables (universal and universal EDC16/ME(D)9) allowing you to connect to all ECUs.


Master and Slave

AutoTuner is available in master and slave versions

No matter what file provider you use, or how you use it, there is an AutoTuner version for you.

Don't know which version is made for you ?
Do you develop your own tuning files?
No Yes
Do you plan on working with more than one tuning file provider ?
No Yes
You need the master version
You can go for the slave version.


Fancy a tool in your own image? That’s possible! You can optionally customise the colours and logo of your tool.
Your logo here! (.PNG, .SVG or .GIF max. 2MB)
Buy your version

Software customization is free of charge

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Dark mode
5 year warranty

Naturally, our solution is under warranty. For 5 years! Should any major problem occur, we ship a new unit immediately.


Whether it is during the installation or everyday use, our team is always there to help you get the best out of AutoTuner, in the best conditions.

48 hour shipping

Investing in a unique solution, that’s fine. Being able to use it quickly is even better. That's why we ship your case within 48 hours.

AutoTuner is the simple, fast and universal solution for reprogramming vehicles, developed by chiptuners for chiptuners. With free updates.

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