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Hitachi BEDxxx-MECxxx : OBD read/write
Updates 13/07/2021
Hitachi BEDxxx-MECxxx : OBD read/write

Nissan GTR, 350Z, 370Z & Juke Nismo

Autotuner is now able to read write BEDxxx-MECxxx ECUs through the OBD-11 diagnostic port. No need to take out any other tool for this job any more. Nissan GTR, 350Z and 370Z as well as the Juke Nismo can now be tuned directly using Autotuner.


  • Nissan 1.6DIG-T - 163/190hp
  • Nissan 1.6i 16V - 115/117hp
  • Nissan 1.6 T - 163/190hp
  • Nissan 1.6 T Nismo - 214/218hp
  • Nissan 2.0i - 140hp
  • Nissan 2.5 V6 - 218hp
  • Nissan 3.5 V6 - 245/265/283/295/301/307/313/333hp
  • Nissan 3.5i V6 - 295/309hp
  • Nissan 3.7 V6 - 320/325/331hp
  • Nissan 3.7i V6 - 330hp
  • Nissan 3.8 T - 485/550/570hp
  • Nissan 5.6i V8 - 310/400/408/426


  • Infiniti 3.5 V6 - 245/265/283/295/301/307/313/333hp
  • Infiniti 3.5i V6 - 295/309hp
  • Infiniti 3.7i V6 - 330hp
  • Infiniti 2.5 V6 - 218hp
  • Infiniti 5.6i V8 - 310/400/408/426
  • Renault 3.5 V6 - 245hp
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