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Sept. 2021
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  • website

    New filters to sort datalogs by date and possibility to edit the title, addition of a button to copy the link to a log and delete logs

  • software

    2.8.0: Addition of a "TCU" icon to ease the search for gearboxes, addition of the vehicle type "ATV"

  • website

    Datalogs viewer update: Code refactoring - faster loading, dedicated button to hide all measures, same Y axis for all measures with same units, improved table layout

September 2021
Aktualisierungen Motorcycles update 08/09/2021

OBD, bench and boot read/write

Aktualisierungen Bosch EDC17C45 01/09/2021

OBD read/write

Aug. 2021
  • software

    2.6.0: screenshot button (shortcut: CTRL-P), badges to differentiate specific or generic datalogging/DTC protocols, snackbar to display notifications, correction of the size/color of vehicle type icons.

August 2021
Aktualisierungen Continental SIM2K 26/08/2021

Boot read/write

Juli 2021
  • website

    Slave files decrypt/encrypt online forms have been improved. We now display more concrete error message if there is any issue with the file you are trying to process. Screen overlay loader has been also implemented.

July 2021
Aktualisierungen Bosch EDC16C37 29/07/2021

Bench read/write

Aktualisierungen Bosch EDC16CP39 16/07/2021

Bench read/write

Aktualisierungen Hitachi BEDxxx-MECxxx : OBD read/write 13/07/2021

Nissan GTR, 350Z, 370Z & Juke Nismo

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